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FAQ Patients

Patients can learn more here about our practice and what you need to know when making an appointment. It is always worthwhile reading through these notes if you are about to or have already made an appointment or perhaps even if you are are expecting to have an operation with Dr Cross.

If you intend to be able to claim the Medicare rebate and be partially reimbursed by Medicare for the consultation or treatment you receive, you will need to have a valid referral.

A valid referral letter needs to be presented to the practice reception prior to your first appointment.

How long does my referral letter last?

A referral from a General Practitioner is valid for 12 months and and referral from a Specialist is valid for 3 months. In the case of some chronic conditions, your General Practitioner may choose to write you an ‘Indefinite Referral’. In these cases the referral does not expire but is only valid for the specific condition for which it was first issued.

If the doctor you first consulted with about this condition was at the Lismore Base Hospital then the Specialist Emergency doctor at the Accident and Emergency Department is your referring doctor.

Patients already in hospital under the care of another specialist who ask for Dr Cross to provide an opinion are then considered to be referred by this specialist.

If you have private health insurance, Dr Cross will allocate a date for your operation at the consultation. Consideration will be given to the urgency of your condition, and what is convenient to you.

If you are a Public Patient, the urgency of your condition will automatically allocate you to a Category which will be explained to you at the appointment. You will be required to complete a Recommendation for Admission (RFA) form. Once you have completed this form and returned it to the hospital you will be placed on the hospital waiting list. The hospital will contact you within the required time frame to book you in for your operation.

Category A requires action within one month

Category B requires action within 3 months

Category C requires action within 12 months

Yes. Dr Cross does not routinely Bulk Bill.

You should be informed of the cost of a consultation with Dr Cross at the time of making your initial appointment. Please make sure to ask reception any questions you have regarding your costs at this time.

Patients can discuss their individual financial circumstances with Dr Cross and request to be Bulk Billed. In most cases you will be billed the Dr Cross’ prescribed fee which you can find here.