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Read below for more information on our practice fee schedule

The current practice fee schedule as at the 1st of MAY 2017 is set out below.

Please note that Dr Cross does not routinely Bulk Bill, any patient that believes they may have difficulty paying for their consultation are encouraged to discuss this with Dr Cross during their appointment who will then notify reception.

If you require an operation, Dr Cross will go through the costs associated with this procedure with you during the consultation, providing you with what is called Informed Financial Consent, ie allowing you to make your decision in full awareness of her costs for the procedure. Please make sure you are completely aware and comfortable with her costs prior to accepting a booking for an operation.

INITIAL CONSULTATION                    $160


The Medicare Rebate is the amount that Medicare will refund to you. If you have provided reception with your Medicare number, we will submit this claim to Medicare on your behalf after your consultation and at the time of paying. You are then refunded the appropriate rebate amount shown below automatically and this is usually within 24Hrs. The balance is the difference between the Practice Fee and the Medicare rebate amount and you are required to pay this after your consultation, at the time of paying.



The practice accepts payment in CASH, CHEQUE, EFTPOS (Debit and Credit Cards, except American Express and Diners)